The South African (Official) Cannabis Exchange

Trading Cannabis, can be complicated if you are not experienced, besides the fact cannabis as a commodity has too many unknowns. Besides being forced to pay a lot more than you planned, you can find yourself in high water without any protection.

Our exchange is basic and unlike these digital fancy looking platforms we will grow with you and introduce more complex global trading at a later stage or at least when we have learned by others mistakes how to preserve your hard earned  money.

We are about transparency, ease of use and above all endeavor to introduce you to 10 times the amount of traders / members this way you will get a much better idea of what is available and not only a few companies. 

The reason in a nutshell, would you invest or transfer your funds into a FX or even stock and bond trading platform, that you do not know, besides knowing how to trade you may be convinced by eager if not criminal brokers especially without the experience.

This is assuming the platform is legitimate, even so it is very risky.   basically when compared to traditional commodities. 

That is why we combine the exchange with an affordable dispensary or retail and wholesale platform. We have also merged with Weedbudies™ Medical, Industrial and luxury Cannabis known locally as DaggaX™


The South African slang for weed in the literal sense. While DaggaX represents the higher quality cannabis used for medical and leisure or Luxury Weed! 


We insure that any products listed have been tested and has passed our stringent tests including quality and quantity.

Our Members:

When we refer to our members we include all those individuals and companies that offer cannabis, pharmaceutical products & medication subject to the 'total active ingredients' cannabis must be more than 12% if this is not clear please contact us for more information. 

All any member of the exchange is automatically included in our various endeavors directories, maps and social media; this allows and enables you as a member of Weedbudies™ to contact any other member *Directly. 

*Subject to your personal settings etc.  

We offer a variety of products from various producers. We include subject to testing suggested wholesale prices. 


Non Profit:

All proceeds are at the disposal of the SA Government to aid and uplift those person previously disadvantaged.


The Transkei Group™ is a member, and thus these prices below are advertisements.


The SA Cannabis Exchange™ Transkei Exchange & Weedbudies™ are all not for profit. In other words we do not compete, trade cultivate or sell whatsoever.

We offer Free platforms and promotion for all in the cannabis and or related industries. 

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TRANSKEI™ Medical Cannabis Oil - EV1st Grade - Sativa (250ml) Brand: Transkei Pharmaceutical, Inc.  $3,887.72

TRANSKEI™ Medical Cannabis Oil - EV1st Grade - Sativa (250ml) Brand: Transkei Pharmaceutical, Inc.