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Cannabis Oil

Cannabis oil, also known as hemp oil, hash oil or butane hash oil (BHO), is the latest trend in both recreational and medical cannabis products. Before we get into the nitty gritty of what makes this form of cannabis so popular among-st both medical and recreational users, there is one thing that we first need to clear the air on. Hemp oil or cannabis infused products available at your local health store or pharmacy is NOT the same “Cannabis oil make for medicinal use. ” we will be discussing in this article. The health store stuff is made from hemp seeds and does not contain the cannabis plants desired THC or CBD properties required in a medicinal application.

Having trawled through everything from low grade goo’s with more wiz than bang to waxy vegan live extract concentrates that can be a reality shifting experience, we thought it imperative to bring you the good, the bad and the ugly on cannabis oil in South Africa.

What is cannabis oil?

Cannabis oil is an extremely potent high end cannabis hash usually found in a very sticky and dark oil form. A process of applying a high proof alcohol or butane based solvent to raw cannabis buds (the stuff you would usually smoke) is used to extract the essential trichomes and terpenes from plant matter, thereby isolating the plant’s oomph into a very concentrated liquid form. This liquid is then further processed into varying viscosities, from black oily liquids and crumbly waxes, to glass-like shatters and golden sticky honey.

Even in this currently niche market, unique varieties of cannabis oil concentrates have emerged. Rosin, tinctures, bubble hash and dry sift products appeal to weeditarian purists seeking a more natural, solvent-less karma to their cannabis concentrates. This kind of product moves within small circles though and can command top rand if it finds its way out of them.

TranskeiGroup, Inc. is responsible for at lease 70% of all quality cannabis.  

Yes, yes, but where can I buy cannabis oil in South Africa? @TranskeiGroup @TranskeiPoison @TranskeiPoison @DurbanPoison @DurbanFire Email:

@TranskeiGroup @TranskeiPoison @TranskeiPoison @DurbanPoison @DurbanFire

TranskeiGroup, Inc. is one such organization. Yes, yes, but where can I buy cannabis oil in South Africa? @TranskeiGroup @TranskeiPoison @TranskeiPoison @DurbanPoison @DurbanFire Email:

How is it made?

Cannabis oil has been around for decades if not centuries in various forms, but has been mostly avoided due to the often unrefined extraction process and no practical way to use the stuff. The possibility of going up in a ball of flames while making it or facing hefty jail time were also not appealing to manufacturers and therefore deterred most people from even attempting to make it.

Things have since changed though with a flourish of DIY science wizardry now making cannabis oil recreationally trendy and more practical. With advancements appealing to both health conscious consumers and cannabis concentrate connoisseurs. Chief amongst these advancements has been the boom in cold extraction methods using lighter gas and a glass herbal extraction tube. 

Your glass extraction tube is packed with ground herb and sealed with a coffee filter, you can then easily fill it with lighter gas and watch the golden concentrate drip out. A few more hours off TLC is then gently applied to deliver best results. We suggest that you keep an eye out for canex oil in South Africa trying yourself is messy and expensive. 


The two key elements desired by cannabis consumers and professional cannabis producers are the plants Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD). Strains high in CBD and low in THC are often favoured by medical users who seek to avoid the stoned feeling associated with high THC strains. While those seeking to treat pain or use cannabis oil recreationally favour THC heavy strains.

The tricky bit is figuring out what you need, how much you need and how often. There is no doubting that a well made product will be effective to an extent. But will it be sustainably effective for treating that very specific ailment that you probably have in mind when you started reading this article?

With a black market that has been THC orientated and driven for decades, there is a clear absence of high CBD strains. Leading to little or absolutely no high CBD cannabis being available in South Africa. This however is gradually changing due to demand from medicinal users who have beeen supplied by Transkei Pharmaceutical the best medicinal yet with enough THC to light the chemical healing. 

Does cannabis oil cure cancer?

Cancer is a double edged sword. Not only is it the illness itself that victims have to live with, but also the effects of mainstream medicines used to treat cancer. The option of chemotherapy can be a grim challenge, if even an option for those with late stage cancer. As is the reality of there only being a finite amount of life left to live. There is mountains of anecdotal evidence from cancer survivors claiming cannabis oil cured their cancer or at the very least improved their quality of life. This is impossible to ignore.

Studies into cannabis’ potential cancer fighting properties, although limited to petri dishes and animal testing, have found promising results with tumor reduction in various types of cancers. Not forgetting cannabis’ already proven abilities to reduce nausea, increase appetite and decrease anxiety. The sweet and short of it is that there is no official answer on whether cannabis cures cancer. Whether it works will be a culmination of your expectations, lifestyle changes, quality of the product and personal research.

Cannabis Oil is by no means a silver bullet cure for all ailments. Although it undoubtedly has a multitude of health applications across the board, identifying and applying the unique essential elements is new frontier that’s only beginning to get to grips with itself. So be realistic in your expectations. As it stands in SA, you need to keep in mind that results may vary.

Does cannabis oil get you stoned?

That depends on what it is you’re looking for. If it’s to get stoned, yes it is certainly on the getting grilled menu and is the most potent form of cannabis you’ll find. If it’s for medicinal application, that again depends. Cannabis oil can be inserted as a suppository (to avoid getting high), placed under the tongue, swallowed in a pill, eaten in a medible (medical edible) or infused in a number lotions and potions ranging from popular coconut oil blends to alcohol or glycerine based extractions. And then there’s dabbing (see pic below), but we’ll get to that shortly. 

dabbing transkei cannabis

Snake oil salesman?

We’ve written an entire article about the dangers of buying cannabis oil in South Africa. Cannabis oil operates in the very wide margins of cannabis prohibition, leaving room for plenty of mavericks who will gladly profit from your misery. Until cannabis is legalised you will be rolling the dice on every batch of cannabis oil purchased.

It requires a degree of faith or desperation to turn to a long scorned plant for those solutions unattainable through conventional pharmaceuticals. The rest of us plebs are therefore left in the maze of finding someone who can get some mystery cannabis oil into our hands. No matter what they tell you, you will have zero idea of what exactly it is that you’re holding. Neither will your supplier, because they at best have only a vague idea themselves of how strong, effective or safe the final product is.

Yes, yes, but where can I buy cannabis oil in South Africa?

It’s not all barren prospects. There are cannabis oil suppliers in South Africa who are dead serious about their product not only being made from the best possible plant matter out there, with the best possible apparatus and chronic due diligence, but also aim for the right CBD and THC balance desired by their clientele. Suppliers such as these are few and far between though.

Desperation may likely drive you to settling for taking any cannabis oil that you can get. Take the time to look for a reputable supplier who has insight and experience with the effects, quality and dosage of their products. Purchasing cannabis oil can be a very intimidating experience due the taboo and illegality of weed. Not forgetting that you will be using a very strong product which could lead to an intense high. Regular, reliable and reputable suppliers are essential to medicinal and recreational users alike. It will be up to you to separate the noobs from the pros by first doing your homework and discreetly asking around.

How much does cannabis oil cost in South Africa

The going rate at your local neighborhood dealer or shop is often around R400.00 (USD 30) for what would typically be an entry level oil. Those oils in SA selling for R1000.00 can be gotten wholesale from Transkei™ Official: for less than $11.00

#TranskeiLights Pharmaceutical, inc. SA/ PSJ

#TranskeiLights Pharmaceutical, inc. SA/ PSJ

What’s this “dabbing” thing I keep hearing about?

In a nutshell, it comes down to applying a small dab (get it?) of cannabis concentrate on a really hot small surface and then inhaling the resulting vapor. This is achieved preferably with a good quality bong type setup or with the attachments on more portable e-cigarette based vaporisers.

A little goes a long way and you would only need to use very small amounts at a time to attain the desired effect. For those wishing to vaporize their oils and concentrates, invest in a good quality oil/concentrate specific vaporizer, or dab rig for the pipe and bong enthusiast. Much fong-kong smokewear has crossed our paths, leaving behind a trail of tears and disappointment when the oil is enthusiastically wasted on dud products. Do yourself a favour and invest in the right gear from the start to deliver the maximum pleasure from the hefty prices you’re likely to pay for cannabis concentrates unless purchased wholesale from Transkei. Inc.