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New York and South Africa prepares to Launch a Cannabis Exchange


Amercanex, CEO and visionary Steve Janjic, has been able to play match maker between cannabis farmers and dispensaries (medical and recreational) in Colorado, Washington and California, but his vision is greater than just match making, he envisions a full commodity exchange, based on cannabis.

Janjic claims that his company has been approached by a couple of large off-shore foreign exchange brokers, in order to supply them with the stream of information about the prices of cannabis across the nation, forming an index which will then allow cannabis stocks to be sold OTC (over the counter) as eitherbinary options or CFDs.

There are skeptics as when cannabis will be accepted as a Commodity Future Contracts for Differences (CFD) commodity, but once cannabis is cleared to be traded on the open maker, day traders will be able to trade cannabis with on binary option trading platforms.

marijuana_mapIn order for cannabis to make it onto the commodity exchange market, the market will need to grow, as option trading is done with on the basis of future production and sales. Regulation will play a major part in the potential of making cannabis a major cash crop. When the markets in the Midwest, South, and Eastern Seaboard open their regulations, the supply and demand of the product will increase and there will be a sustainable market.

Within the past few years state and federal laws have dramatically changed, all while Janjic has been setting up his idea for a proper commodity exchange. He’s been in the process of establishing a brick and mortar exchange in N.Y, and once cannabis is rescheduled from a the current status as Schedule 1, Janjic plans on broadcasting prices of cannabis across the nation creating an exchange.

The exchange that Janjic is building will have 22,000 virtual seats, each selling for $5,000. Nearly 10% of the seats have been sold.

The thought process from the investors is that they are able to get in now on a new industry, as once all of the 22,000 seats are sold out, that’s it. Seats will be able to be transferred or leased from the owner.

Janjic explained that his exchange, never touches the product, and that they provide a service for those that are partaking in the transaction, by providing delivery and storage facilities.

On an international level, Amercanex is going to have much more backlash as the international community lags behind the progressive cannabis movement that has swept across the states in the past few years.

Many international treaty laws ban the transporting of drugs, including cannabis. It is ironic since the United States established most of these treaties, and now is the leading component in removing them.

It will be interesting to see what happens as the US stops spending money on catching drug smugglers importing pot into America, and instead starts supporting the legal trade of medical and recreational cannabis.

cannabis pricesJanjic predicts that we will be daytrading cannabis as an asset just like corn or orange juice, within the next 90 days to six months. Expect cannabis to be available on exchanges outside of the US where there is less regulations.

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