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Firstly I wanted to thank all of our readers who have contacted us. Just to recap. Most of the questions making up the majority of  reached out to us for cannabis & commodities in general related For those readers who emailed us thank you & secure your username. I often receive questions from readers not 

Most of the questions and comments were regarding membership & I wanted to confirm that membership does not cost anything. There is no catch & we do not share, sell or manipulate your information or contact details whatsoever. What is dagga? I can write pages on the subject depending on the context. Just to be clear (Dagga) is not the slang for ‘Durban Poison’ only. Dagga is the slang used to describe any strain, quality or quantity of cannabis. Similarly weed describes all cannabis in a relative sense,

I wanted to mention  asked Dagga is slang for cannabis. It does not describe the strain or quality

Cannabis SACOMEX™ The (Official) SA Space Commodity & Cannabis Exchange ^ formerly The SA Cannabis Exchange 

As global competition increases focus & innovation in your niche 2.0 while constantly reducing costs & re-inventing customer service. All the above is dependent on aggressively sourcing & re-sourcing. Time spent sourcing fits into the 80/20 rule. Let us worry about providing you with the quantity of  product & commodities you require at the price reserved for Fortune 500 companies.   

Please get in touch! We only sell members products. These are test products.